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Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge was established in 1997. From the beginning our goal was to be more than a coffee shop. We wanted to create a community center in the purest sense of the term, a place where friends and neighbors could gather together and share music, neighborhood concerts, or simply a great cup of coffee.
This has been the measure of our success.

2906 University Avenue . San Diego, California  92104                          619.688.9845

A focus on Community
Being part of North Park community is a pleasure and an honor. We not only work here, we live here! We understand the importance of being a positive force in the community’s growth and development. We have achieved this by being an active community partner, providing a place for meetings, performances, fundraisers and the like. And we have accomplished this by creating a warm, loving atmosphere where customers feel at home.

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Our Buildings History
In July of 1929, a permit to build a four-story steel and concrete department store at 2906 University Avenue on the northeast corner of Kansas Street was issued to Edward W. Newman and William E. Gibb.
Newman, who had purchased the four corner lots in 1926, was a pioneer builder in University Heights, Normal Heights, and Kensington, as well as North Park.
Mr. Gibb, an early house builder, had greater experience in design and construction of small, reinforced concrete commercial buildings in the vicinity of Thirtieth Street and University.
The building was planned in June of 1929. By early autumn, a full basement with reinforced concrete and steel foundation had been completed to support a four-story structure. Then, sometime during the later weeks of construction, plans were changed and the building turned out to be a two-story one. Why the change was made is unclear; however, it is reasonable to suspect a loss of financing following the October Wall Street crash as the cause.

The exterior of the building, a modified Spanish Revival style, featured a prominent series of round arched windows mimicking a glazed Roman arcade with towers and red tile roof. Modernization in the 1950s covered over transom windows in the arches, and other original features were also lost.
However, the full arches and decorative features re-appeared in the restoration design of Richard Bundy and David Thompson, a Main Street sponsored project of the mid-1990s.
The preceding building description was excerpted from the manuscript North Park As It Was, 1896-1956 by architectural historian, Donald Covington.

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Awards and Accolades
Exceeding guests’ expectations has been a cornerstone of our Coffee Lounge. Too numerous to mention all, here are a few of our major honors over the last 14 years.

-Orchid for Interior Design (1997) Orchids and Onions Awards
-Coolest Place to Dawdle over a Coffee (2001) The Reader’s Best
-Best Coffee Shop (Over all) Best of Awards
-Best Coffee House (2002-2010) City Beat Best of San Diego
-Best Coffee House (2004-20110) North Park News
-Outstanding Coffee Shop (2008) Nicky Awards
-People in Preservation Award (City of San Diego Historic Preservation) by the Save our Heritage Organization
-Business of the Year (2006) North Park Main Street Association
-Best Coffee House (2007) Aol Cityguide Poll
-Best Coffee Shop (2007)
-Best Christmas holiday display (2008-2010)

and many more…